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8A hair wholesale

Item Code: 8A hair wholesale
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  • texture:
    straight body wave loose wave water wave deep wave deep curly baby curly kinky curly
  • Inch:
    3pcs12'' 3pcs14'' 3pcs16'' 3pcs14'' 3pcs16'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs16'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs26'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs26'' 3pcs28'' 3pcs26'' 3pcs28'' 3pcs30'' 4pcs12'' 4pcs14'' 4pcs16'' 4pcs14'' 4pcs16'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs16'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs26'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs26'' 4pcs28'' 4pcs26'' 4pcs28'' 4pcs30'' 3pcs12'' 3pcs14'' 3pcs16'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs14'' 3pcs16'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs16'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs18'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs20'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs26'' 3pcs22'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs26'' 3pcs28'' 3pcs24'' 3pcs26'' 3pcs28'' 3pcs30'' 4pcs12'' 4pcs14'' 4pcs16'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs14'' 4pcs16'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs16'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs18'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs20'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs26'' 4pcs22'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs26'' 4pcs28'' 4pcs24'' 4pcs26'' 4pcs28'' 4pcs30''
  • Description
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